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Car Insurance Deals For Female Drivers

There are lots of important factors in deciding the rates for drivers wanting car insurance.
Apart from the type of the car and place of residence, the driver’s records, and the age and gender of the driver matters too.
Insurance rates are generally high for older drivers, and students, since they are considered higher risks on road.

Women drivers, however usually get lower car insurance rates when compared to male drivers of the same age.

The difference in the insurance rates is largely based on the statistics that the insurance companies rely on.
These statistics decide what cars are safe on the roads and which models have least number of accidents.
The insurance companies rely upon these statistics to decide which age group of drivers is safer and which are more of a risk.

Women drivers are statistically shown to be safer on roads because of the following reasons:

They do not take risks and break traffic rules, so they are relatively safe compared to male drivers.

Women drivers do not commit as many traffic offenses, according to the insurance company statistics.

Records also show that women drivers are more conscentious when it comes to learning to drive and generally stick to the rules, which makes them better on roads.
They are less likely to be involved in serious car crashes.
They are also less likely to be speeding on roads, which makes them a safer risk for insurance companies.

Women drivers usually buy cars that are shown to be safer on the roads.
This means that they qualify for extra discounts that insurance companies give for specific car models.
Safer car models mean safer drivers on roads.

Regular maintenance and safety checks matter a lot in the safe running of cars.
Many insurance companies find that the women policy holders are more prompt when it comes to car maintenance.
This too contributes to lower premium rates.

Although the difference in premium rates may not be high, women drivers do get better rates from many insurance companies.

Shopping around for a better insurance deal is a good idea to obtain better discounts.
Try using price comparasion websites like

Although statistics show that women drivers are safer on roads, the individual driving records of every policy holder decides the premium rate for their insurance.

If the women driver applying for an insurance policy has more traffic offences recorded, then the premium rates are bound to be higher than a male policy holder without traffic offences with same insurance company.




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